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Fulfilling our mandate to be a community supporter in the Greater Victoria Area since 1972, this event is free of charge for locals and businesses to participate in. Our regular ‘Be a Local Tourist’ Event will be held as usual in March 2021, all odds permitting.

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Health Advisory & Be a Tourist

Since COVID-19 was declared a global pandemic, our community has been facing unprecedented times, with many of its members finding themselves in difficult situations and with uncertain futures. Be a Local Tourist stands for supporting all participating businesses in having a positive experience in opening their doors again, however, we are making sure that our partners are following the safety requirements of our Provincial and Federal Governments. Please be patient with these businesses and each other, we are all navigating this the first time. To avoid creating ‘bottlenecks’ in the City and confusions about offers, please call or email the participating businesses so they can manage their schedules accordingly. We thank you for your cooperation and hope you have fun getting out and visiting local again!

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