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Phillips Brewing & Malting Co was born in 2001 to a pile of credit card debt and the audacious principle that quality ingredients and a little creative flair can produce great beer.  After 19 years, a couple of address changes, and a beer-flood, our commitment to crafting quality beer, spirits and all-natural sodas continues to remain at the heart of everything we do. With the addition of our new Tasting Room, you can pull up a front-row seat to our production hall while enjoying a rotating list of 16 craft beers, flights of gin or our own in house single malt whisky.

If you’re looking for a new hat, t-shirt or looking to enjoy some of our tasty craft sodas or giant pretzels, Phillips Brewing & Malting Co would love to offer you a 10% discount on all non-alcoholic items!

We are a group of beer-loving adventurers, dedicated to exploring every corner of the craft beer frontier. Join us as we travel along the beer flavour arc! Our path is guided by unbridled creativity and unwavering attention to quality.

We believe beer can make the world a better place and do our best to use our power of beer for good. We built an on-site malting plant so we could further control our quality and reduce emissions.

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