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50% off a single drop-in class.

Spin to the beat of the music. Located downtown Victoria and on the Westshore.

SPINCO offers structured, full-body spin classes designed to strengthen the body, energize the mind and feed the soul. Since 2014, the goal of each SPINCO class has been to work together as one team, one bike, moving in unison to the beat of the music to engage the butt, core and arms. Lead by dedicated & motivating instructors, that have undergone intensive in-house training, SPINCO’s workouts are made to inspire and uplift. No matter the fitness level, prepare to be motivated to achieve higher levels of personal well-being, physical strength and positive mental attitude.

WE WORK. We work hard. Challenge yourself to crank up that resistance a little higher, dip a little deeper and sprint a little faster.

WE RESPECT. We are mindful of each other and this space. This means being respectful of the instructor and other riders by not speaking while class is in progress.

WE SWEAT. Things get pretty hot in here. We are considerate of others by smelling so fresh and so clean and being mindful of strong perfumes and body odour.

WE LEAVE IT ALL AT THE DOOR. Inside these walls is a safe space and a rare opportunity to completely lose yourself. We leave it all at the door, including our cell phones. If you are expecting an important call, the front desk will be happy to answer your phone for you if you leave it with us.

WE HAVE FUN. Everything is easier with a smile on your face.

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524 Pandora Ave, Victoria, BC V8W 1N6, Canada

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