Can anyone participate?

People of all ages are welcome to participate in Be A Local Tourist.

Please note that each participating business has different policies. Please check the business listing or get in touch with them directly for details.

Is everything free during Be A Local Tourist?

While we are aiming towards having more free attractions during Be A Local Tourist, some attractions offer discounts on their regular pricing. Please make sure you check the individual listing for their exact offer. Please refer to the full list of free offers under the “Free” tab on the Deals page.

I purchased my Wristband pass but I am not able to participate. Can I get a refund?

Wristbands are not returnable or refundable.

Where can I buy passes for Be A Local Tourist?

Wristband passes are available online at beatourist.ca or in-person at Capital city Cafe (721 Douglas Street, Victoria, BC) the Destination Greater Victoria Info Centre (812 Wharf Street, Victoria, BC) and at all Save on Foods locations in the Greater Victoria Area

  • Wristbands purchased online must be picked up at Destination Greater Victoria Info Centre (812 Wharf Street). PLEASE CHECK FOR OPENING HOURS


Greater Victoria Save On Foods locations offering Be A Local Tourist Wristband sales:

  • Save on Foods Fort & Foul Bay: 1950 Foul Bay Rd, Victoria
  • Save on Foods Langford: 759 McCallum Rd, Victoria
  • Save on Foods Pandora: 1010 Pandora Ave, Victoria
  • Save on Foods Saanich: 3510 Blanshard St, Victoria
  • Save on Foods Tillicum – 3170 Tillicum Rd #108, Victoria
  • Save on Foods University Heights: 3958 Shelbourne St, Victoria
  • Save on Foods Westside Village: #100 – 172 Wilson St, Victoria
  • Save on Foods Sydney: 2345 Beacon Ave, Sidney

I bought my Wristband pass online. Can I get it shipped?

We are not offering shipping services for online purchases. Wristbands purchased online must be picked up at Destination Greater Victoria Info Centre (812 Wharf Street, Victoria, BC).

Can I buy Be A Local Tourist merchandise?

We are not offering Be A Local Tourist merchandise for sale at this time.

Where does Be A Local Tourist take place?

Be A Local Tourist takes place in the Greater Victoria area. Business addresses are available on the Deals page.

Does Be A Local Tourist provide transportation to the various businesses?

Transportation is not provided. Participants are responsible for their own safety while travelling from and to the attractions.

I got hurt while participating in Be A Local Tourist. What can I do?

Be A Local Tourist is a platform that helps people to access attractions and deals so that they are more affordable. Be A Local Tourist is not responsible for any injuries, associated with any activity at the participating businesses (including restaurants, car rentals, shops, etc) or in transport injuries. By buying your Be A Local Tourist Wristband, you accept these terms and conditions. For liability related questions, please speak to the specific business that was involved during your injury.

I need to take my wrist band off. Am I still able to participate?

If you are, for any reason, not able to put your wristband on or need to take it on before the event ends, the individual businesses have the right to refuse you on their terms, unless it is an unexpected medical reason in which case please provide an accurate explanation. We encourage you to not take your wristband off without a particular reason to do so and thank you for your cooperation.

Youth and Senior Tickets

Youth and Senior tickets are now available for purchase.

Youth tickets are for the age of 13 and under. Children at the age of 4 and under do not need a wristband to participate. Please check individual attractions for further policies.

Senior Tickets are available for ages 65 and above. If you have any questions, please let us know.

Youth/Senior Wristband 2021

Be a Tourist and Covid-19

We take a great responsibility for our community. All of our business partners follow the local Covid-19 guidelines and they are required to enter information that is available to you on their specific deal page. If you need any other information, please let us, or the participating business know. We’re working together to keep everyone safe and informed. For more information about the Province’s Rules and Regulations please visit https://www2.gov.bc.ca/gov/content/covid-19/info/response

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