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Be a Local Tourist in Your Own Hometown has changed its looks and was reborn with a new soul in the past year. We are really happy to see that our efforts for making this event great again have started to be recognized in the community.  We look forward to a great year with more businesses and locals involved. The full article for Be a Local Tourist is available in Douglas Magazine.


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New lease on life

“Attractions Victoria has a new lease on life, thanks to an invigorated vision and a motivated leader excited to refocus its strength and modernize its brand…

…For over 40 years Attractions Victoria’s mandate has been to promote its attraction, activity, and transportation-based members’ voice and identity within the larger tourism landscape. As a collective group of attractions, they’re most known for partnering with Destination Greater Victoria and the Greater Victoria Harbour Authority on the Official Destination Map, as well as for their annual Be A Tourist in Your Own Hometown program.


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Complete brand overhaul

Csanicz (pronounced cha-ni-tz) recently worked with Bone Creative on a complete brand overhaul for the organization, including logo and visual identity, launching their new websites and in November. “We know we need to be more agile and innovative online. I’m working to automate the member engagement and registration process for Be A Tourist as well as to create an intuitive, clickable online map experience and itinerary builder for visitors.”

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Giving back to the community

Be A Tourist is “closest to my heart and certainly is the most complex one,” says Csanicz. “It provides opportunity for our members to give back to the community by providing discounts, allowing locals to try out more, for less money. It is a real win-win for the businesses that otherwise would not have traffic in late February and for locals who long to get out after a long winter.”

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