Explore the Downtown Core

Explore Downtown Core – No Tourists, No cry!

We all love Downtown… Without hundreds of people moving down on Government Street, you can really enjoy the best of what Victoria needs to offer. We collected our favourites for you to explore during Be a Tourist in Your Own Town 2020. From ice cream to Miniature World, during the week or on the weekend, touring the Downtown core becomes our favourite thing to do. You more than likely need 2-3 days to complete everything from this list!

Touring the Downtown Core Victoria BC Legislature

Miniature World - Free Entry on the weekend with your wristband

You can head over to Save on Foods Pandora for your tickets if you haven’t bought it online yet. If you did purchase online, head over to the Info Centre on 812 Wharf to pick them up and start your day! Right next to the Info Centre, Miniature World offering free admission! With the World’s Smallest Operational Sawmill, 11 years in the making, Miniature World is certainly one of the most popular tourist attractions in downtown Victoria, BC, Canada. Enter our time warp to Space 2201 AD and travel with us in our Avian 1 spaceship to distant cosmic shores. We could keep going… Miniature World is free on Saturday, the 29th of February, and Sunday, the 1st of March.

Touring the Downtown core Miniature World free Be a Tourist In Your Own Town

Perverted Ice Cream - BOGO!

Right after Miniature World, we have two amazing Ice Cream spots offering 2 for the price of 1. Riding Solo? Share with someone in line! Perverted Ice Cream is dedicated to our locals. Did you know that they just opened last year? If you are looking for a picture-perfect dessert creation, this spot serves some of the most delightful sweets on Government street.

BOGO perverted ice cream downtown Victoria

Lunch Stop - Tacos & Roast Meat Sandwiches

Craving real food instead? Fortunately, we have Victoria Public Market’s two favourite locations, the Taco Stand and the Roast Meat & Sandwich Shop offering discounts on their famous specials.

Victoria Roast Meat and Sandwich Shop

Afternoon on the Salish Sea - 50% OFF marine adventures

If you want to spend the afternoon out on the Salish Sea, we have multiple options for you! Springtide Eco Tours, Eagle Wing Whale Watching and Marine Adventures and Prince Of Whales, offering 50% off on their marine adventure tours. It is so much ‘more’ than just ‘watching’ those animals! You can learn about biodiversity from their knowledgeable guides while enjoying the view of the wild Pacific North West. You will be humbled by the beauty, and you will love the wildlife, of course.

Salish Sea Eagle Wing Tour Victoria BC

Free Historic Walking Tours - Buildings and Landmarks as you have never seen before

Alternatively, sign-up for a historic tour at Capital Iron – the owners of the building introduce you to the more than 100-year-old building, with a little surprise at the end. Market Square is also offering historic tours of the square every afternoon, please refer to the schedule on our website.

touring the downtown core capital iron

Indulge in Canada's favourite dessert Beavertails - 50% OFF

Last stop? Beavertails, of course. A perfect downtown day cannot end with anything else other than Canada’s favourite dessert, a nice sweet or savory Beavertail pastry, 50% OFF. All Ice Cream Shops and eateries open all 5 days during Be a Tourist in Your Own Town.

Downtown Core Touring Beavertails

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